The Carnac Cocktail Masterclass

Something different

A very new and exciting factor that we offer is a personal passion of ours. Spending years learning about cocktails, their history, certain recipes and why people craft certain cocktails is really very interesting. So why not share this with everyone? What we would like to offer customers is the chance to bring a group of people to us and together we will all create, learn about and make cocktails, we can even create brand new cocktails, we can flair and put on a little show…the possibilities with this our truly endless and as such we have no fixed rate for this offering. Simply get in touch and together we can discuss a format and an exciting way to move forward with your event. We also stock amazing beautiful mixology kits which include cocktail shakers and all of the tools you’ll need to make beautiful cocktails at home which will be readily available for all of your guests to take home.